What to Consider Before Doing a Detox Diet


What is a Detox Diet?

With the Australian inhabitants experiencing a considerable improve within the prevalence of weight problems (1), the curiosity to find pure weight reduction options has concurrently grown. One technique of weight reduction that has turn into fashionable lately is the ‘detox food plan’. 

Although each program is completely different, a Detox often includes the restriction of meals consumption to a sure diploma in an effort to improve cleansing of the liver and thereby obtain pure fats loss. Although there is no such thing as a query that decreasing caloric consumption will lead to fats loss (3), there’s nonetheless some debate as as to if or not the physique can truly be ‘detoxified’. Here at Slim By Nature, we’re very happy to offer some readability on the topic!

How Does a Detox Diet Work?

The physique has a number of channels of elimination that each one operate to filter and rid the physique of poisons, free-radicals and waste. While many Detox packages purely goal the colon (i.e. needing to go a bowel movement), Slim By Nature packages additionally work to optimise liver operate, stability hormones, improve metabolism and stimulate digestion for a very holistic Detox and enhanced outcomes. We additionally present framework and assets to scale back poisonous load and stimulate channels of elimination in an effort to make the job simpler. The following elements play key roles within the physique’s skill to detoxify:


Whilst sure meals can’t essentially ‘detox’ us, they will make it simpler for our elimination techniques (significantly the liver) to endure pure cleansing processes, which in flip will Detox the physique. The extra easy and healthful we eat, the simpler it’s for our our bodies to interrupt down meals and take in its useful vitamins (4). By prioritising clear entire meals throughout a Detox, we use much less vitality, acids, enzymes, bile and time to digest our meals, permitting our system extra space to heal, cleanse and restore.


Although our unique program Body Slimming Detox is tailor-made to enhance extra sedentary existence, some degree of motion is helpful to assist the cleansing course of. For those that do take part in additional strenuous train which they want to sustain all through their Detox; similar to working, crossfit, and heavy resistance coaching, we advocate our Active Program Active Program with Active Patches. This program has been designed to each encourage and assist intense train by catering to greater dietary necessities, selling restoration, and prioritising train longevity.

Moving our bodies- climate by way of intense or gentle exercise- concurrently promotes the motion of blood and lymphatic fluid, which move in direction of our muscle tissue and organs (carrying oxygen, vitamins and antioxidants), after which away (eradicating waste and toxins by way of the liver and different channels of elimination). Physical motion additionally promotes waste removing by way of the pores and skin (sweat), the lungs (by way of enhanced respiratory) and the bowels (by enhancing the standard and amount of useful micro organism) (6).

Where do the ‘toxins’ in our our bodies truly come from? Along with dietary consumption of extremely processed and inflammatory meals, environmental toxin publicity can be a big participant when contemplating our total poisonous load. Plastics, pesticides, chemical cleansing merchandise, skincare (together with moisturiser, make-up and deodorant), and environmental toxins (similar to air pollution, cigarette smoke or heavy-metal ladent workplaces) ought to all be thought of (7). It is vital to scale back our publicity to those environmental toxins for our total well being and longevity, significantly throughout a Detox! Below are 3 simple to implement modifications to assist scale back poisonous load:

  1. Choose pure cleansing and sweetness merchandise or have enjoyable making your personal!
  2. Consider selecting natural or spray-free produce, or develop your personal herbs and veggies at residence!
  3. Steer away from plastics the place doable and make each effort to keep away from heating meals in plastics (8).

Commitment and Considerations

Now that you’ve a deeper understanding of the physique’s pure cleansing processes and the way to assist them, let’s study extra about what’s concerned in a Detox program!


The time it takes for the physique to heal and optimise itself is extremely variable and relies upon largely on the person. Our packages vary from 12 days 12 DAY TRIAL KIT, 26 days 26 DAY STARTER KIT, 43 days 43 DAY COMPLETE KIT and 60 days 60 DAY ACCELERATED KIT . The time frame greatest suited to every particular person will depend on well being targets, present consuming habits, age, and motion ranges. To uncover which program will greatest assist you efficiently attain your targets, take our quiz! Which SBN Detox Program is best for you? TAKE A QUIZ.

Tracking and Monitoring

Completing a Detox is made simple with the assistance of Slim By Nature! Our packages are simple and clearly laid out. They give attention to easy, entire meals and include further calendars/journals to assist monitor your journey. You may additionally select to make use of a easy calorie monitoring app throughout Phase 3 Maintenance to assist ease again right into a lifelong healthful way of life.

Pros Vs Cons

There are numerous doable advantages to finishing a Detox program. Many detoxes focus purely on weight reduction and neglect the numerous different vital advantages of cleansing. Our packages at Slim By Nature utilise a very holistic method to reignite stability throughout the physique. In flip, our packages assist to not solely obtain weight reduction (if that is your purpose), however may additionally promote happier moods, glowing pores and skin, enhanced digestion, elevated focus- the record goes on! Other advantages of Slim By Nature are that we make the method simple to comply with, rigorous train shouldn’t be required to supply outcomes, and we assist to make sure life-long optimistic modifications! We even have the additional benefit of a supportive on-line group and entry to our Nutrition professionals to assist uplift you thru the method!

People typically think about becoming the restricted consuming of a Detox round their busy schedules as a ‘con’, and use this as a purpose to not permit themselves the chance to Detox. Comparative to the life-long enhancements you’ll obtain, the time taken to really full the Detox is extraordinarily quick! The sooner you’ll begin, the earlier you’ll end and be capable to get pleasure from your extra vibrant, wholesome existence!


You might discover a decreased frequency of bowel motions throughout Detox, nonetheless take consolation in understanding that bowel actions each 3 days are thought of fully regular throughout a Detox. Be certain to drink loads of water (at the least 2 liters) and use our 123 TEATOX throughout this time as further assist. Headaches or dizziness may additionally be skilled throughout a Detox because the physique adjusts to the optimistic modifications you’re making. Drink loads of water and you should definitely go to your physician if these persist for greater than 7 days. Very hardly ever some ladies might expertise leg cramps or a minor rash, which can happen as a result of lowered consumption of potassium in the course of the Detox. If you’re experiencing these signs, please seek the advice of your physician for suggestions.

Post-detox plan

Our packages at Slim By Nature comply with 3 easy phases: ‘Loading Phase’, ‘Detox & Fat Burning Phase’, and the ‘Maintenance Phase’. The ultimate ‘Maintenance Phase’ is predicated on the precept developed by Layne Norton (PhD) that includes progressively adjusting metabolism upwards over time after a interval of fats loss (9). By slowly growing caloric consumption we’re in a position to progressively rebalance hormones and metabolic price again to pre-detox ranges (10). This in flip helps to make sure that any fats that’s been misplaced all through your journey doesn’t creep its manner again.


When contemplating finishing a Detox, it’s important to grasp the physique’s pure cleansing skills, methods to assist these, and the method concerned in finishing a Detox program. At Slim By Nature we make the method simple and achievable with easy meals consumption, no train necessities and entry to loving assist that will help you attain your well being and wellness targets!


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